is an antidote to all the pretty things in Bytown: Mounties on their shiny horses, the green rooftops of Parliament oxidizing in the sun, 100,000 tulips waving bright and glorious along the canal. Rather, in this book you'll find a derelict DC-3 mouldering at the end of a runway in Carp, Foucault's pendulum swinging in a stairwell at Carelton U, a church converted to a beauty parlour, a movie palace converted to a church. Plus many more oddball Ottawa sights captured on film to inform and delight the discerning eye. For curious readers, a tightly researched historical appendix provides documentation for each photo.
Estimated release date: Dec 2017

A welcome break from saturated colours and tiresome beauty spots--here we have the real low-gloss Ottawa, nicely mounted in bureaucratic black & white. You won't see this stuff on the bus tour. So get out your Brownie Hawkeye camera and let's go find something strange. This book will start us off.

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